Living being killed for the production of Material is Dissappointing.

Innocent animals are murdered yet again for a senseless purpose.Disappointingly, to use the tallow in the making of the new £5 note, even when vegetarian alternatives are present. The paper currency is not respectful now.

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InDepth Details

What is tallow?

Tallow is a substance made from animal fat that is commonly used the making of soap, candles and now the new £5 note.

The new polymer fiber uses beef tallow made from animal fat found around the kidneys, stomach and other organs.

Why is there animal fat in the new £5 note?

It is thought that the animal product is used as a source of stearic acid, which acts as a lubricant and neutralises trace additives in the notes.

Although tallow is a byproduct of the meat industry, , as well as Hindus Sikhs and Jains – whose religion forbids them from eating beef.

What vegetarian and vegan-friendly alternatives are there to tallow?

Vegetable-based tallow can be made from coconut or palm oil. It is created by treating the oil with water at high temperatures, which hydrogenates to create stearic acid.