From a student struggling to pass his high school exams, to a Professor who revolutionised the way Indians study Physics today. Let us discuss about him….

Prof. Harish Chandra Verma – The renowned Author of the book “Concepts of Physics”. Actually he is much much more than that.

For most of us his face looks something like this:


But today we will discover his actual face beyond the books:


“Is school education limited to books?” asks Harish, a young dreamer

H.C. Verma had gone through sweet and sour experiences of India’s school education system, and this gave him low interest with his studies throughout his school years; until high school, making him to even struggle passing his exams. After he graduated high school, he entered Patna Science College, which was a place that moulded a normal school boy into a confident and bright adolescent.

It was the moment when the student who struggled for passing marks was changed into a third place student in Patna University, receiving a B.Sc. (Honours) degree in Physics. From 1975 to 1977, Verma joined the IIT Kanpur for a M.Sc. and was placed as a top student with a performance index of 9.9 out of 10.0. He then chose to remain at IIT Kanpur for his doctorate. Verma received a PhD degree in less than three years.

Campaign to Change the Culture of Indian Education System

In 1980, VermThe reason was language and cultural differences.a joined Patna Science College as a lecturer to teach students at various levels including students at 11th and 12th standard. He noticed that even top students in class were unable to appreciate and enjoy the concepts of physics. He contemplated and realized that problem lies in connecting students with the text book he was following. The reason was language and cultural differences.The young students from Rural background were entangled into language of the book and lose interest before they could reach the concept and its beauty. He could not find an authentic book that makes concepts of physics enjoyable to young Indian students.

And then it happens….

Spending “8 years” of his life in the creation of something that will beautify the subject of Physics for generations to come, He wrote the book “Concepts of Physics”. This book was a huge success. The reasons for book’s success are authenticity, simple language, interesting numerical examples, and connection with Indian culture. Today his book is used by almost all the students preparing for IIT-JEE.

Present Life

He remained in Patna Science college for almost 15 years before coming to IIT Kanpur.Where apart from his regular assignments, he took many socio-educational initiatives for the benefit of education and society. Some of these initiatives are School Physics Project, Siksha Sopan, and Utsahi Physics Teachers.

But wait…. There is more to know about this great personality. Apart from being considered as One of the Best Nuclear Physicist of India, there is much more to know.But, the length has already been long. So we will be discussing about the Simplicity of Prof. H.C. Verma in candid version. For instance, he still uses his old Bajaj Priya Scooter. He don’t own a car. And much more…

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